The Municipality of Sheenboro welcomes you to explore the beauty and natural wonders that await you in our municipality.

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Clean up and Property Evaluations

PUBLIC MEETING: The Municipality of L’Isle-aux-Allumettes will be hosting a Public Meeting to discuss the impact of the rising waters and future strategies, on Monday June 17th at 7pm at the St. Joseph Centre, 6 rue St-Joseph.


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Flood Watch

Even though the waters seem to have dropped, according to the Ottawa River Regulation Planning Board, levels and flows are expected to continue to rise over the coming days.

Please DO NOT remove your sand bags or turn off your pumps.

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Flooding Information

According to the Ottawa River Regulation Planning Board, levels and flows are expected to continue to rise over the coming days.

Levels have far exceeded 2017 at this point.

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Hydro Québec

Water + Electricity = DANGER!

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Summer Job Offer

The municipality of Sheenboro is offering a summer job including administrative tasks and public works. The position requires that the selected candidate be able to take initiative and do certain physical labour.

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Please send your resume before
June 3rd, 2019


2019 Municipal Council Meetings

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Questions Concerning Assessments

Please take note that if you have questions concerning assessments you are to contact the MRC assessment service. This service is open to citizens by appointment only, on Wednesdays only. You can make an appointment by calling 819-648-5689 ext. 210.


Notice to All Property Owners

Before any building project can be undertaken within our municipality, the Building Inspector must be contacted in order to determine whether or not a Building Permit is required. This should be done at least one month before any work on the project is to commence.

The building inspector and town foreman can be contacted at the Municipal office at 613-639-4976 or at the Sheenboro Municipal office 819-689-5022


Ratepayer Concerns and Issues

Just a reminder to all ratepayers that the "Issue form" must be completed and handed in to council should you have a special request.

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Municipality of Sheenboro

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