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Electronic devices can now be brought to the Allumette Island transfer station at 625 Rang 5 Road for no fee. The Sheenboro station does not accept any such items.

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Hours of operation

All Year

  • Wednesday, 12 to 4 PM
  • Saturday, 10 AM to 4 PM

Summer hours start the first Sunday of May and end the last Sunday of October.

  • Sunday, 10 AM to 5 PM

In the event of a three-day weekend with a Monday holiday, the Transfer Station will be open on both the Sunday and the Monday from 12:00 noon to 4 pm, as well as the normal Saturday hours.


Stickers are mandatory on all vehicles entering the Transfer station. They are available to Ratepayers at the Transfer Station. Take a tax bill along.

Be sure to download the PDF of details of what goes into the different bins.

Household Garbage: Note that Styrofoam goes in the garbage bin, not the Recycling bins.

Batteries: Small batteries may be put in the recycle bin in a bag or container.

Recycling Bins: Cardboard, paper, magazines, newspapers, clean bottles and cans, clean foil, plastic with a recycling number on it, are acceptable materials.

Staples store in Pembroke will accept old computers and printers.
Please do not leave electronic waste at the Transfer Station.

Steel bin: Deposit anything that is composed primarily of steel.

Food Digester: Take your table scraps if you do not compost at home. The Municipality has digesters for sale at the Municipal Office for $80. Note that these are not composters; they simply “digest” whatever is put into them.

Brush, leaves, and clippings can be left in the lower dump.

Islanders are permitted to use the Sheen Transfer Station facilities for a fee of $75 per season since the islands are located in Ontario.

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