Sheenboro Recreation Association

The Sheenboro Recreation Association is a non- profit organization whose goal is to enhance community spirit and social interaction amongst all members of the community. We achieve this through organizing activities with other community groups. One of our main events for the year is the Canada Day celebration. On this day, the R.A. organizes games such as a fish pond and bouncy toys, and a huge parade. At the same time, local music is enjoyed while a barbecue of sausages, hamburgers and hot dogs permeates the air. This is a fun day for the entire family.

We also help with organizing an annual Remembrance Day celebration to honor our living and deceased war heroes. The celebration begins with mass followed by recognition of a local veteran and then laying of wreaths; finally a hot meal is served in the Sheen hall.

At Christmas, we have Santa visit all the seniors of the community to bring them a gift of cheer and a box of chocolates.

One of the uses of our funds is the enhancement of the local park.

The Old Fort William Cottagers’ Association

The Old Fort William Cottagers’ Association was founded in 1990 as a means of bringing together the cottagers in Sheenboro and Fort William in order to share areas of common and interest and concern, to determine approaches to solutions, and to provide social and recreational opportunities for its members. Other goals are to maintain an environmental focus through advocacy and stewardship of the Ottawa River, and to promote and share the history of this area that is so strongly intertwined with the River.

Over the years, the Association has held annual meetings, undertaken improvements in destinations and facilities on the River, conducted social events, co-sponsored Sheenboro’s Canada Day fireworks, contributed to and shared in the life of the community, and in numerous ways shared and expanded our knowledge and awareness of our area’s history. The Association also publishes a newsletter at least once a year, sharing community news and milestones, photos and stories from our past, and other items of interest to the general cottager community.
The Association has a seat in the meetings of the Environmental Stewardship Council (ESC) for Chalk River Laboratories. The Council includes 16 representatives from local municipalities, environmental organizations, and others, and it encourages regular face-to-face discussion among those stakeholders and Atomic Energy of Canada Limited, which owns and operates the facility.

The Association also works in conjunction with the local Recreation Association, the Friends of Oiseau Rock, the county’s Culture Pontiac group, the Petawawa Jubilee Yacht Club, the Ottawa Riverkeeper, and other groups with whom we share common goals.

Association, community, and area news and information are shared on a website run by one of the OFWCA’s founding members at the following link:

The Old Fort William Cottagers’ Association welcomes new members to join and to participate in its events and programs. The Annual General Meeting is held in July. Details are available on the website.






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